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Inculcator appears in the sky over Liverpool, UK. Shielded in occult mysticism, the outlandish entity (rumored to be a solo effort) first broadcast its signal with “Voces Mysticae,” February 2015. Propelled by the satanic forces of early Slayer and Venom, bending time and space like a pinch harmonic, and bearing knowledge of the abyss from whence it came and toward which it will now usher us all, “Voces Mysticae” is only ⅕ of Inculcator’s debut of dimension-ripping tech thrash “void exploration.” Caligari Records is proud to bring you Void Abecedary, the world’s first lesson in the language of the great beyond.

Limited to 150 copies

No Clean Singing: In addition to all the adrenaline-inducing and technically eye-opening instrumental frenzy, the vocals are convincingly rabid, ravaging, and as caustic as lye. Further, the songs also include segments of somber, ominous, yet spellbinding guitar melody (including a beautiful, wistful acoustic instrumental in the fourth track and an acoustic interlude in the fire-breathing fifth one), and that variation in style and mood is another part of what makes this album such a stand-out. A huge and very welcome surprise.

Voices From the Darkside: The reward for those listeners stable enough to really give this band a chance is an absolutely unique album that on the one hand will receive some praise in the underground. Yet, on the other hand, this 'Didactic Darkthrash', using the title of the last song as a new genre, is too far out to really catch greater attention.

Wonderbox Metal: Sod it. This is such a good release, all I can do is just relish how utterly incompatible it is with most metal out there today and listen to it all the more because of it.

Tape Wyrm: Inculcator is a bit difficult to get a handle at times because it is a which which seems to be running faster than you can physically keep up. With a base of thrash riffs, Void Adecedary piles on a salad of noise, shredding, and frantic directional changes into a record which is nothing less than insanity. Songs like “Voces Mysticae” start mid flight after they just jumped off a cliff and end somewhere else entirely. If you ever thought Dark Angel’s Darkness Descends could use a jump start in terms of energy, see where music can go right before it blacks out.


released May 15, 2016


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